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          Greetings, I'm here to help you preserve, repair, and restore your shoes, bags, jackets, etc. I love my work and respect my clients, so I put all my creative skills into my work and try to satisfy every customer.     

        This is a difficult time for small businesses, so your contribution to the development of my business is welcomed and rewarded with the quality of the work done.

        If you have the desire to spread information about your favorite shoe repair master, I will be grateful! In this way, you'll help preserve my local business; how long I'll be with you depends on my customers!

       I wish you all good health and bright hope for a beautiful future.

I apologize, but there is a need to temporarily change Business Hours.

Thank you for understanding.



                                                                         Owner of Leo`s Quality Shoe Repair

Quality and Service You Can Depend On

Call us: (574) 295-4188
Temporarily New Business Hours
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Closed

Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

           Saturday & Sunday: Closed

If you have good Leather shoes and/or Leather products that you don’t need,
feel free to bring them in to the shop.

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